Saturday Affair with Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine
05.03.2016 20:00 - Vezi pe Facebook

We’re back from vacation and proudly opening the season with a twist! ..:: crowd cheering ::..

For this special “Saturday Affair” we’ll be joined by our live-ish friends that call themselves Groovebert, backed by all nighter Rammon and VRTW VA ..:: crowd cheering even more ::..

We’ll be hosted by POINT, a brand new very trendy spot downtown, that we’re very enthusiastic about! ..:: crowd in ecstasy ::..

As usual, we're on for "curator mode" - vinyl lovers are invited to showcase some of their jazz/funk/soul/rock'n'roll records with us. It's not a typical DJ'ing event, we're promoting musical discovery, so we'd like to enjoy "plain" whole records. If you own a collection and you'd like to be a part of this, just come on Saturday with a proud face, holding your records close to your heart :)

We invite you to feel with us, to play, to enjoy some energetic rum, to dance like crazy, to meet new people over a glass of great wine and to chill it out with some tapas.

Listening to a vinyl record is a labor of love that brings people together. Analogue recordings are vibrant and dynamic, and they're the closest thing to having Jimi Hendrix sing before you.

For a few hours, plan to forget digital, processed, targeted, business driven, compressed sounds, and enjoy music like it was meant to be enjoyed.

++ Live Act: Groovbert Live Jazz Trio (Johnny Bica – Piano, Andy Ava – Bass, Norbert Halmagyi – Drums)
++ Curators: Rammon, VRTW VA
++ Guests: Bring'em on!