Point of View #1: Independent Shorts Movie Night
06.03.2016 18:00 - Vezi pe Facebook

We have prepared a special Sunday afternoon for you!

POINT in collaboration with Victoria Film Festival are presenting the screening of 4 independent short films that were selected by ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival (scroll down for titles).
*English subtitles available.
*90 seats available.

As a special surprise we gather Eugen Kelemen, Diana Cavalliotis and Andreea Vasile to play a special role this Sunday: Eugen will be your chef for the day while Diana and Andreea will serve drinks at the bar from 14:00 to 17:00. That can turn out to be tragic but definitely fun to witness.
*Free entrance for the screenings with the possibility of buying our special food and drinks menu for 70 RON (available from 2pm to 5pm).
*Free tickets apply to children ages 12 and under.

"Point of view" is a special event series dedicated to contemporary cinema around the world that will take place every month at POINT Art Hub.


1. 216 Months
European Short Film (France), 0:26:02
Dir: Valentina & Frédérick Potier
Europe’s Best Independent Film 2014
Nothing is comparable to the success of Maureen, the ventriloquist singer, except her belly: it is simply outrageous. But a shadow is hanging over her career and that of her manager husband's. The entrancing voice that comes out of Maureen's
insides has a name: Charles. He will soon be 18, the rebellious age, and he has one sole objective in life: to be born.

2. Damn Girl
European Short (Denmark), 0 :12 :46
Dir : Kira Richards Hansen
'Damn Girl' is a coming of age story about, Alex, a 12-year old tomboy. She hangs out with a group of only boys, drinks and paints graffiti at night etc. Confronted with an incipient sexuality she fights the changes that are taking place within and around her.

3. Sweet Rabbit
European Dramatic Short (Netherlands), 0 :13 :30
Dir : Camiel Schouwenaar
A Kafkaesque story - Janet discovers that her ears are changing into rabbit ears and locks herself in her home. As her ears grow longer she is desperately in need for help, but when she goes outside she is ignored and rejected by everyone.

4. Cruise Patrol
European Animated Film (Netherlands), 0 :07 :25
Dir : Bobby de Groot
On a long and dusty road a routine cruise patrol takes a strange turn and spirals totally out of control.