Photosynthesis | Maria Bondoc & Ana Constantinescu ✏
05.08.2016 19:00 - 18.08.2016 22:00 - Vezi pe Facebook

Maria Bondoc & C R E S C (Ana Constantinescu)
Opening: Friday, 5th August, 19:00
05.08 - 30.08.2016
Str. Gen. Eremia Grigorescu 10

Photosynthesis brings together two contemporary artists whose photographic and installation works re-contextualize elements of nature. Maria Bondoc uses photography as a starting point for isolation and feminity. C R E S C incorporates different plants, extracting them from their original setting and shaping them into works of art.

Maria Bondoc began her series of photographs by closely watching her friends and then recreating some of the moments they have experienced together. Their natural attitude always fascinated her so the editing is used only to bring out the emotional part in the viewer's eye. The characters have their own personal story. Some of them seem to be looking for something while others seem to have found something. When she takes photos, Maria uttelry enjoys the intrigue she can cause only to leave the viewer to create it's own story and realm.

C R E S C arranges the delicate blossoms and leaves into circles, squares, and rectangles—geometric forms that bring strength to the fragile components. These sensitively composed arrangements are akin to the mindfulness behind the Japanese art of flower arranging, which have a very gestural quality in their determined space (terarriums or frames).